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Drinking Buddies

I'm proud for this.
2011-08-29 : transformers: g1 : Comments : 2 : Trackbacks : 0
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OOOooo drinking buddies, they look like cultured connoisseurs, before they get wasted and proceed ehm, you know >:3 You gotta tell me how how did you draw their legs so well, because that's the part I usually fail to make right. And you call it a fast draft @_@
You said on Twitter that you can't continue and I get that feeling too. I'm staring at my linearts (4 of them) and I feel that they stare back and here the interaction basically ends. I hope that has to do with placement of the Moon or something. Don't tell me that some of the comments upset you so that you don't want to color .
2011-08-31 04:03 : BR URL : Edit
@BR oh you
As far as I know, I think it was my knowledge I gained when I've studied the laws of perspectives and geometry? LOL it could be but I also thanked myself on drawing robot poses good thanks to those Japanese Robot anime shows (e.g., Brave Police J-Decker) I've watched recently. And that's where I get to look and study carefully for their various poses everytime I paused. It's really helpful I say. Aaw, I exactly get that feeling too but I'll still continue this sometime if I have enough time, since this is gonna be one of my best subtle slash works. And aye, how would I get so disheartened by those comments (i.e., perhaps you're referring to my previous improvement meme)? I leave them alone and go with my style as I want to. ;3
2011-08-31 13:42 : ElieEonheart URL : Edit
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