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Day 6: The Transformers universe that should have never been created

This is why I ain't a con kind of person. Honestly, if I were to choose Kiss Players, the answer is too overrated and obvious for me- I've encountered nearly everybody in the fandom labeled that so it's so obvious. But probably what bothers me that I wish people as of now must stop labeling Human/TF pairings (i.e., to those wonderful artists I've known and encountered and I'm also a guilty supporter of this) as "Kiss Players" inspiration, even as if they've never bothered reading and yet why even bother? If you don't what I mean, just see what happened to my previous work with Sari kissing Bee I did a year ago and I was in a big disappointment. That's why I never post much of those but that doesn't mean I won't even hold back. Another thing is if it be movieverse, which I knew the franchise seem to be retarded recently (just saying), I would have never been a fan as of now. Ah, me and my opinions.
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