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I'm so gonna write this down for real. And take note for such ramblings of mine if you excuse me.

So me and my best buddy watched DOTM today and... We are totally disappointed. SO MUCH. We can't believed we wasted our money for watching such, which once again, mindless action and stuff going on in the movie. Just when I thought the third's gonna show its charm but alas, nothing, just the same as usual. I have to say this for real but all I'm thinking is that I'm looking at the Bots and Cons as being totally stand-ins for the sake of our amusement. But no, this is just so wrong. Nothing either surprise me anymore, all we get is just some dumb an nonsense moments with the humans (i.e., I swear the screening time for the Bots and Cons only lasted about a second and a minute). Anyways, moving on, there really are great moments from the movie so that's a plus like I swear I squeed noticing Prime has the axe ala WfC style. Erhk, I don't want to continue this but seriously my note to Hasbro- Please forget this movie crap and focus more on making a better franchise and make sure it be ten times better than the movie franchise and please, put along a "human touch" to go with. A human touch is really what i wanted, that's why I rather like reading the comics and watching Animated and prime coz of that. Sigh, that's it, I'm moving on to my usual stuff right now and I'll hopefully forget everything about it.

Last notes for sure, never expected Sentinel is like his Animated persona all over again minus being such a violent one. But seriously. I would rather go for an all brawl fight with Megatron and Optimus. Speaking of Optimus, I hate to realized that I hate his movie incarnation so much. And yes, Megatron dies as an un-honorable man, err, Decepticon. Somehow, I just wished I would be hired in Hasbro and make things just right. But that's just what I'm saying... But heck, it's a good thing I didn't watched this during in my birthday next week.

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