"Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein


Okay about that text post, maybe it's time for me to patch up enough confidence and put my butt out for job hunting... Maybe next week. Honestly, I'm just nervous and lazy on what kind of jobs I will find since I knew this region where I'm living here doesn't have enough for me. But rest assured Elie, you'll find a way.

Why am I drawing Dealer again...
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Blurry Days

Drift was supposed to be there but I dropped him and wanted to make it simply abstract (or I'm just lazy as usual). It's loosely based on the second verse of this song which I am currently listening to it... Though honestly the lyrics really pierced me with shivers. Final Destination anyone?
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I want candy

Yeah I blame my elder sister for repeatedly singing that song after watching Hop together. Notebook doodles are still my thing but wow, I felt I can't make a decent Halloween pic this year. Oh well who cares.

Playing with highlights. I like Doubledealer, he's such an adorable two-timer (no pun intended).

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Bad food combination really made my motivation down as I've found out. Anyways, I'm feeling fine now of course lol, anything that combines with pancit would be bad (I was eating ice cream after that's why). Also, I felt my right middle finger's feeling a bit odd and it pained at times. Maybe I need to consult a doctor or something but it's nothing serious.
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※R18 Lick

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