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Oh gawd, I didn't even bother updating my blog for awhile. I guess the blame goes to my addiction on playing video games lately I blame Pokemon B/W. Anyways, for the past months, I expect it would be my whole leisure time I spend drawing but oh well, it didn't turned out for the least. However, I'm very glad that there were those who offers me commissions to do. So here are the commissions I have done for the past months but keep in mind I don't bother to show the full. It's pretty confidential. xD

Birthday commission for someone's friend. This is yet another Bulkhead pair-up second time in a row though lol.

For a t-shirt design. Not gonna say out details but I surely had fun on drawing a Gundam for the first time ever.

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Eh I kinda call this is a fail. Anyways, I have fun watching Cars 2, I kept on eye-contacting Shu all the time and even can't help calling him Drift. Also about the job searching, I got exhausted and thinking that I need to issue a diploma earlier. But for reasons, I'm not really ready to have a job yet. When will my parents understand me that I have to wait and decide? :I
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More notebook doodles

Recently doing more notebook doodles. Under the cut that you'll see is pairings such as G2 Redux Pyro/Streewise and Animated Wildrider/Dragstrip. Oh and warning for the last picture- It's R-15ish methinks. ^q^

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Sketches and sketches

I guess I'm more better on traditional sketching rather the digital way. :| The police/sentai/ranger bot would be something and the lil Elie will be something I'll work on.
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I feel victorious for drawing these two. Will be ready in color very soon.

I should really pay attention to this OC of mine. And just about time I discovered this in my folder and was stuck last year. Didn't knew that's his mood either lol.

I have a guilty pleasure over mech/human (girl) stuff and so afraid if I were to show this in public, everybody will surely stay away from me. Anyways, they're my OCs, even my young sister approve this so much (which I am so happy for her).

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