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Pop'n Music Masamune is surely the most adorable Date Masamune incarnation I've ever seen. Oh and I'm currently interested on Pop'n Music, though I only played the PSP version. However, my sister told me there was an arcade somewhere here in the city. I need to find it someday~ ^q^
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Pokemon doodles

I should've drew Bisharp next. I'm so glad to have him in the party. I can't wait for him to learn Aura Sphere in the next levels.

I really like this better. You know I can't help but think Tornadus' cry sound like he got an orgasm. Me and my dirty thoughts lol
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I was supposed to draw the Subway Masters but oh well, you got Chandelure. Also when my elder sister saw this, she thought it's weird for me to draw this recently. In fact, I used to draw Pokemon back in my younger years. I wish I can find some ways to play the Pokemon games like Black and White. Yes, I used to like Pokemon.

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We know kung fu

Well because Pao is from Tiger & Bunny and Power Joe from Brave Police J-Decker and are both animated by Sunrise, I have the tendency to do this. Honestly, I enjoy doing crossovers, unless it's done the right way. Also, I'm gonna miss T&B forever, I remembered whenever I called my sisters along when an episode is up every week. Ah the good times lol.
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How can I not resist loving this crybaby? On the off note, I decided to drop off the challenge meme coz I'll be busy over the holidays for homework. But seriously, you guys should watch REDLINE, it's the most awesome thing you can't miss.
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