"Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein

Forever alone day

I think I will stick at scribbling for now, since it's a way to procrastinate. Heck, why do I need to draw something for Single Awareness Day anyways? I feel stupid for not updating my blog here since I got so used to tumblr recently. Let me fix that.

Also about the job application I got from the last two weeks, I feel I didn't got accepted at all (i.e., didn't even received a call as they told me). Oh well, what a waste for my weak potentiality... Let me fix that also.
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Being adult is suffering

Wrote a resume and a cover letter surely took me more than 4 hours. And here I thought I entirely forgot that I'm an adult now. Why do I even have a feeling employers might not be interested on me... "orz Here's hoping that they would hire me... Maybe.

Also, I have tumblr too. Well, more of like another art blog again. Why do I even care to create one lol.
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Yet another one of my old OCs, not much is given of his background but as far as I can remember, he's a demon-like ghost of sorts who fights and devour demons (really). You can see his original design here, which made me think that he looks so MegaMan-ish in appearance.
So I decided to change his design drastically. And making him more freakish than ever. Why freakish? Just look at his limbs lol. Just kinda like to try something unique. ^q^
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It sure feels good to know that I have quiet some unique OC designs years ago. Her design is a mix of a pop (rock?) star and a snow spirit.
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Pop'n Music Masamune is surely the most adorable Date Masamune incarnation I've ever seen. Oh and I'm currently interested on Pop'n Music, though I only played the PSP version. However, my sister told me there was an arcade somewhere here in the city. I need to find it someday~ ^q^
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